lunes, 20 de abril de 2009


Some americans took part in a survey about questions with general knowledge. Please click on video presentation, read the questions and answer them. After that, play the video presentation (by clicking on the icon), compare your results with the results of the video presentation.

Please make comments on what you think. Even if they are anonymous!!

lunes, 6 de abril de 2009


What's in a kiss? by Gilbert O' Sullivan.
Is a kiss a moment of bliss? (bliss: extreme joy and happiness)
Am I your very own delicatessen? (wow! )
Am I well equipped to supply you with your every need?
How I wish somebody sang this song to me!!!


Eensy Weensy was a very naughty and stubborn little Spider. She liked going up the water spouts. When it rained, she fell from them to the floor.

But she was very stubborn, so she went up the spout again when the sun came out. If you click on this, you can listen to the Eensy Weensy Spider nursery rhyme. Children usually sing it and make some gestures with their hands, and it is fun to sing it in groups. Below there is picture of little Eensy Weensy climbing up the spout. Try and sing it to your children and have fun together. Click here if you want to see the children singing.
Sorry if this is too childish for you, but these days my inner child is coming out from me, and I wanted to share it with you.
water spout


Dear A1-s:
Somebody told me in class that we had listened to the alphabet very few times, and that he or she would like to listen to it again. Well, looking for them in youtube, I came across this wonderful video-presentation of the alphabet in English for children. Well, don't we all have a little child inside?
You can click on the video and enjoy going back to your childhood again.
Thanks for the idea.

If you find this video is for children, and you are a serious adult, there is a video for you too. Click here to watch it.
It says "/si/" for z? Why not (/zed/)? Look it up in your dictionaries!

Well, don't despair! There are still some other videos you can enjoy. Click here for another jewel in English.


This link contains a song sung by Elton John for the film "The Lion King". The title of the song is "Can you feel the love tonight?" I chose to upload it here, because it is one of my favourite songs. The more I listen to it, the more I like it.

Click here to listen to the song . Below you can read the lyrics in English with their correspondent spanish translation. Hope you enjoy it!

There’s a calm surrender --- Hay una tranquila rendicion
To the rush of day --- tras el ajetreo del dia
When the heat of a rolling wind --- cuando el calor del viento sofocante
Can be turned away --- se puede evitar
An enchanted moment --- un momento encantado
And it sees me through --- y me ayuda en mi camino
It’s enough --- es suficiente
For this restless warrior --- para este guerrero inquieto
Just to be with you --- solo el hecho de estar contigo
Can you feel the love tonight? --- puedes sentir el amor esta noche?
It is where we are --- esta justo donde estamos nosotros
It’s enough --- es suficiente
For this wide-eyed wanderer --- para este trotamundos de ojos muy abiertos
That we got this far --- el que llejaramos asi de lejos
And can you feel the love tonight? --- y puedes sentir el amor esta noche?
How it’s laid to rest --- como se ha echado a descansar
It’s enough --- es suficiente
To make kings and vagabonds --- para hacer a reyes y vagabundos
Believe the very best --- creer en lo mejor (un mundo mejor)
There’s a time for everyone - hay un tiempo para cada uno
If they only learn --- solo si aprenden
That the twisting kaleidoscope --- que el caleidoscopio giratorio
Moves us all in turns --- nos mueve a todos a turnos
There’s a rhyme and reason --- hay un ritmo y una razon
To the wild outdoors --- para la naturaleza salvaje de ahí afuera
When the heart --- cuando el corazón
Of this star-crossed voyager --- de este viajero predestinado
Beats in time with yours --- late al mismo tiempo que el tuyo
And can you feel the love tonight? --- y puedes sentir el amor esta noche?