jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2008


As you know by now, my name is Ana Rosa. I am a teacher at Bermeo Language School. I teach A1 and B1.2 English. You probably know about me. But let me tell you a couple of things about me.

I absolutely hate getting up before eight o'clock in the morning.

I hate eating vegetables. However, I sometimes eat green beans and spinach.

I don't like cleaning or cooking. Sometimes I cook , but the results are terrible.

I don't mind helping at home or working overtime.

I like my job very much. Some students find English difficult to pronounce. But they make the effort. That is very rewarding for me.

I love singing along when I drive my car. My favourites are country music, and of course, Julio Iglesias. The song called: "rio rebelde" is the top one when I am happy. The duet with Alejandro Fernandez "Dos corazones rotos" is also very nice. People laugh at me when they see me, but I love singing in the car!!

Above all, I absolutely love eating chocolate. It is my secret vice.

And what about you? Please leave a message telling who you are, and how you are.

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Julius Churches dijo...

Dear teacher :
Good night . My name is Julius Churches , I am writing to tell you ,things that , I like and dislike .
I like the sports , the good food ,traveling , the good conversation etc , but above all , I absolutely love , Georgy Dann and his songs , The chiringeit , the barbakiu , the black can not etc .
I dislike the negative people and the negativity of the world .
I hope you have liked , I see you friday bye bye .

Julius Churches

Ana rosa dijo...

Julius, thank you for your kind comments.

Your English is really good.

I don't like SPORTS (You can not say I dont like THE sports)

About the chiringeit, the barbakiu y the black can not , we will speak in class.

I am a bit posh, and I prefer to say: THE BEACH BAR, THE BARBEQUE AND THE BLACK MAN CANT DO IT.

I reallly like your letter. Thank you. I hope you liked mine. We'll see each other on Friday.

olivia dijo...

Hiiii I hate rain .Today is Sunday and it`s raining .I don`t mind cold days ,but I hate raining .

I enjoy myself learning english .I like travelling,eating good food ..like Julius .

I absolutely love eating ham,cured ham .I like chocolate too,like you Ana but ham........

I enjoy myself going for a walk three times on a week .It is my relax time

I enjoy writing this one ,I hope that you enjoy with this too .

See you tomorrow ,Bye

Ana rosa dijo...

Hey olivia,
I like cured ham too. But it is very expensive. And we are in crisis day. If this continues, This Christmas we can have York ham and eggs. see ya!