martes, 9 de junio de 2009


Dear students,

It is not just a simple letter, but a complicated letter, you can use in summer, together with WORDREFERENCE to try to learn more words in English while you try to understand it.

This year, it has been a pleasure to be with you in class.

I would like to say thank you to all of you, especially to the ones who have come to class EVERY DAY. I know it is not easy to come to class after work and enjoy it (0n rainy days, 0n cold days, on days when you have many things to do, 0n crisis days, in ERE days etc)

I would like to add that I have laughed a lot with you in class, and that is a treasure that will go with me wherever I go. I heard of Lucas, or Look ass while we were learning phrasal verbs with the word LOOK, (lucas is the barber of Bermeo, they told me) and laughed about that for days... I still cannot avoid laughing when I remember.
Some words will remain in my memory for years even when I forget your names (you already know that my memory is like a sieve, which means I am forgetful for names) : Does the word "piscin" bring anything to your minds? Jon, let me tell you, I will never forget you writing "PISCIN" instead of swimming pool.!! It was such fun!!
I liked your effort in class, and your sense of humour. It has been the best of medicines for me, to cure my woes when I arrived home. I was really lucky to have you in my class.
For the next year, (regardless of where I am) I wish you luck, happiness and strength to continue learning English. And from time to time, I will continue writing in this blog. We can know about each other in summer too. (I am hooked on the Internet, now I can use it properly and this will serve me as a test to improve my skill in new technologies.)
Last but not least, I think that we didn't say goodbye in the proper way, so if you feel that you would like to talk for the last time over a beer, have fun for some minutes and do a proper farewell, I will be more than happy to receive your ideas about WHICH DATE and TIME we can do that. Please let's make it before the 20th of June!
We'll keep in touch

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Anónimo dijo...

To our A1 Teacher :
Has been a pleasure to have you as a teacher and a friend .
One hug and good summer .
We see you the next course ( year )

Jon eta Raquel